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Strategic Storytelling and Communication


One of the most important aspects of business, as well as any human interaction, is effective communication.  A survey by the University of Kent among top companies like Microsoft and the BBC ranks Verbal Communications, the ability to express your ideas clearly and confidently in speech, the number one attribute they look for in successful employees.

Memos. emails, PowerPoint presentations and graphs can convey information.  But since words and data only activate the two parts of our brain that decode words into meaning, we need to do more to get our message across effectively. That’s where Strategic Storytelling becomes the crucial tool in getting your message heard, whether it is to a client, colleague or supervisor.

Strategic Storytelling works because our brains are wired for narrative transport and metaphorEverything in our brain is looking for the cause and effect relationship of something we've previously experienced.

Storytelling is a collaborative effort between the teller and listener.  A story is the only way to activate parts in the brain so that a listener turns the story into their own idea and experience.   Stories build trust because you are sharing a bit of yourself.  Stories unlock passion because they connect the head to the heart; they are a bridge between ideas and feelings.

Through Metaphor Exercises, understanding the elements of a story and fine tuning public speaking skills, you and your team will learn to use business storytelling for strategic and intentional effective communication in all aspects of your organization's interactions.

Give yourself and your team the edge it needs to become successful at verbal communication.  Take the initiative by contacting us today. 


We have offered several Business Storytelling workshops to our associates at Timberland. Whether it’s a general session, or a customized workshop for a specific group, Genevieve’s facilitation is top notch and best in class. She is a subject matter expert that teaches participants how to infuse emotion and drama into any otherwise monotonous business presentation. Her style allows learners to tap into their creativity, draw from personal experiences, and create authentic connections with their audiences.

Jennifer Street, Manager, Learning & Development, VF Timberland, Stratham NH


Thank you for a wonderful class!  I am grateful for the concrete tools around crafting a story, my intention/goal, and using metaphor, the way to share my concept with others from whom I’m seeking support and to have them connect.  This workshop enhanced my confidence in public speaking and gave me new insight as to how to get my message across more directly, to make my point clearly and concisely.

2017 Strategic Storytelling Workshop Participant, New Hampshire Theatre Project, Portsmouth NH


“Genevieve created a very comfortable atmosphere for the staff, which made it easy for us to take a serious look at our own presentation styles, and how we can work to improve those. Some individual comments: “Fantastic. Super. Excellent – give her more time. Really wonderful! She has a lot to offer. Very energizing. Very helpful to our work. Have her back.”

Steve Sacks, Attorney, National Education Association-NH

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