We Don't Know What This Is Yet: From Pandemic to Provocative Theatre

We Don't Know What This Is Yet (work-in-progress)

From Jan 01, 2021 to Jan 03, 2021

Performance Dates
Friday, January 1st 2021



Since March 2020 Resident and Company Artists at New Hampshire Theatre Project have been gathering stories, reflections and experiences from across the state. As the country faces unprecedented shifts in the social, political and economic landscape our artists have come together with the community to capture how those changes are affecting our everyday lives.

In October 2020 Resident Artist CJ Lewis began training community members as "correspondents" in the field of docudrama. These individuals will share their creative work as part of this work-in-progress performance. Further details about this work will be shared as the project develops.

The project team recognizes that the front line of this public health crisis are the healthcare and other essential workers who face the threat of Covd-19 every day. “But we’ve been asking ourselves, what do theatre makers do in the time of a pandemic?” says Artistic Director Catherine Stewart. “I like to think of us as Second Responders. Artists look at the world, we gather information and then we interpret it. We tease it apart and we ask difficult questions, we look for bias and unique perspectives. Then we turn those findings into work - pieces of art, music, literature and in our case, theatre.”

This work-in-progress performance is part of our 2020 - 2021 Season, which includes a virtual playreading that celebrates the centennial of the passing of the 19th Amendment, three brand new one-person shows as part of SoloStage, the experimental performance lab Tiny Mayhem and the premiere of our new devised play We Don't Know What This Is Yet. Check out On Stage Now for information about purchasing tickets and ways to get involved!

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