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We Don't Know What This Is Yet Podcast

From Mar 13, 2021 to Jun 01, 2022



Hosted by Robin Fowler
Co-Produced by CJ Lewis and Catherine Stewart

New Hampshire Theatre Project has been making theatre with communities for over thirty years, and now in the wake of the Covid-19 Global Pandemic we are launching a new initiative.  The We Don’t Know What This Is Yet Podcast gathers accounts from individuals, hold space for community dialogue, and directly engage and support a diverse pool of artists in the creation of new work.

Each episode of the podcast will be in two parts: First, we’ll sit down with a guest and talk to them about a simple theme: uncertainty. We’re looking to talk to people from all sorts of backgrounds throughout the state: medical workers, restaurateurs, small business owners, corrections officers, people in recovery, religious leaders….. What does uncertainty mean to each of us? What feels uncertain about our paths and our fields right now?

Then in part two, we’ll give each interview to a different artist and ask them to create something - anything - inspired by these conversations. It could be a song, some poetry, a painting, a photo series, or even a dance. And we’ll talk to these creators about their experience making this work: What inspired them? What did they relate to? What seemed unfamiliar? What were their own uncertainties in this process?

The podcast will also serve as source material to We Don’t Know What This Is Yet’s culminating work. “The plan was always to make a new play, about this moment,” continues Stewart. “It’s what we promised our supporters last June, and it’s what NHTP does - we uncover and amplify the stories of our community, across the state, and transform them into provocative theatre.” The Uncertainty Principle will premiere June 10 - 13 2021, and will be presented online for audiences around the globe. In science, the Uncertainty Principle states that "the momentum and position of a particle cannot both be precisely determined at the same time." Using this theme as a metaphor for the ever-changing landscape of life during the Covid-19 pandemic, NHTP artists will create a new docdrama based on interviews with community members between April 2020 and April 2021.

Learn more about the project as a whole here!

The We Don't Know What This Is Yet Podcast, and The Uncertainty Principle are featured in NHTP's 2020 - 2021 Season, which includes the virtual reading of Well-Behaved Women in partnership with Strawbery Banke Museum, brand new one-person shows as part of SoloStage, the experimental performance lab Tiny Mayhem, and the 5th Annual Storytelling Festival which presents storytellers, spoken word artists and the music at The Music Hall. Check out the rest of our season for information about purchasing tickets and ways to get involved!

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