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WDKWTIY Podcast - All Episodes and Artwork

WDKWTIY is a podcast about shared experience and creating art in times of uncertainty. Each episode of our show is in two parts. First, we sit down with a guest and talk to them about a simple theme: uncertainty. What does uncertainty mean to each of us? What feels uncertain about our paths right now?

Then, in part two, we give this interview to a different artist and ask them to create something - anything - inspired by the conversation. And we’ll talk to these creators about their experience making this work: What inspired them? What did they relate to? What were their own uncertainties in this process?

Hosted by Robin Fowler
Produced by CJ Lewis


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Ep. 4: Arts Administrator // Videographer (Monte Bohanan & Dan Freund)

Communications & Community Engagement Director Monte Bohanan pulls back the curtain on keeping a large arts organization afloat in a year of uncertainty. Videographer and web content guru Dan Freund responds in short digital clips.

"Monte" by Dan Freund

Ep. 3: Brewery Founder  // Illustrator (Dagan Migirditch & Sam Paolini)

Craft brewery founder and restaurateur Dagan Migirditch walks us through the challenges and triumphs of the service industry during a public health crisis. Artist and designer Sam Paolini responds with explorations on the theme of Inaction.


(in)ACTION by Sam Paolini



Ep. 2: Medical Device Legal Dept.  // Composer (Maria Carrasquillo & Jonny Peiffer).

Maria Carrasquillo works in the legal department of a respiratory device manufacturer. She reflects on the challenges her sector faces during a major public health crisis. Composer and bandleader Jonny Peiffer synthesizes her reflections sonically.

'Maestra Amalia' by Jonny Peiffer



You can hear more of Jonny Peiffer's work at sojoy.bandcamp.com


Ep. 1: Non-Profit Consultant // Dance Artist (Elissa Margolin & Amanda Whitworth).

Non-profit consultant Elissa Margolin discusses uncertainty within the state legislature. Dancer, choreographer, and NH Artist Laureate Amanda Whitworth channels this unease into a snowy outdoor movement piece.




"Exercises in Uncertainty" by Amanda Whitworth.
Music by Gregory Dillon


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