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Fourth Annual Storytelling Festival

From Mar 06, 2020 to Mar 22, 2020

Celebrating Traditional Tales
Expanded to 3 weeks!



Featured Artist: Diane Edgecomb

Guest Artists: Anne Jennison, Sarah Bauhan,
Margot Chamberlain, Kent Allyn, Regina Delaney, Pat Spalding and Genevieve Aichele


Saturday 8 pm Performances – All Tickets $25
Sunday 2 pm Performances – All Tickets $20


Saturday, March 7 – 8:00 pm
In the Groves – Diane Edgecomb

Immerse yourself in nature with this exquisitely crafted storytelling and music performance celebrating the deep spirit of the natural world. Master storyteller Diane Edgecomb, accompanied by Celtic harper Margot Chamberlain, delves into the ancient wisdom found in myths, folktales and songs of nature in pieces that range from the humorous to the heartfelt. Recommended for ages 10 to adult. Watch video sample for In the Groves.

Sunday, March 8 – 2 pm
Native American TalesAnne Jennison

Anne Jennison, of Abenaki and European descent, takes the audiences on a spell-binding and entertaining journey through traditional Native American stories. Recommended for ages 6 to adult.

Saturday, March 14 – 8 pm
An Irish Rhapsody – Diane Edgecomb

Accompanied by Celtic harper Margot Chamberlain, Diane Edgecomb brings to life Ireland’s storytelling treasures from the humorous Legend of Knockgrafton to the hauntingly beautiful Deirdre of the Sorrows, the most famous of all Irish romances. Enjoy an evening of humor, passion and wit with this inspiring weave of traditional storytelling, Celtic harp and song. Recommend for ages 12 to adult.

Sunday, March 15 – 2 pm
This show has been cancelled - sorry!​

Celtic Music & Stories - Sarah Bauhan


Saturday, March 21 – 8 pm
A Thousand DoorwaysDiane Edgecomb

This show has been re-scheduled to Thursday, June 18!

A chance meeting with a young Kurdish refugee sets an American storyteller on a quest of danger and discovery to record the last Kurdish storytellers.  This is the deeply moving story of her journey through the remote mountains of Turkey and of the extraordinary people who shared their lives and stories with her. A Thousand Doorways is the true account of Diane’s decade long quest to document the vanishing folkloric tales of the Kurds of Turkey. Recommended for ages 14 to adult.
“There is one world, but a thousand doorways.” ~Kurdish Proverb

Sunday, March 22 – 2 pm
Storytellers Showcase

This show has been cancelled - sorry!​

Traditional stories, legends and myths performed by participants in Diane Edgecomb’s The Golden Thread Workshop, hosted by storyteller Pat Spalding. Recommended to ages 8 to adult.

Fridays, March 6, 13 & 20, 6:30 to 9:00 pm

The Golden Thread: Finding Meaning in Traditional Tales
Instructor: Diane Edgecomb
Fee: $190 includes 3 workshops & tickets to 3 shows

Whether you’re new to storytelling or an engaged teller of personal or folkloric tales, this innovative workshop will bring clarity, insight, power and pizazz to your tellings. Discover the true power inherent in folktales, fairy tales and myths while learning how to
creatively adapt them for contemporary audiences in this three-part workshop. Diane’s unique approach deepens our experience of every element of these time-honored tales so that the insights that are found there can be revealed in the telling – much to everyone’s delight! Each session opens by tuning up our expressive tools with precise explorations in Voice, Characterization, Narration and Movement so that the instrument we use to tell will be as humming as our interpretations. SPECIAL NOTE: Tellers and traditional tales from this workshop will be featured in the Community Showcase on Sunday, March 22 at 2 pm as a culmination of this Festival of Traditional tales.

Saturday, March 7, 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Native American Storytelling
Instructor: Anne Jennison
Fee: $60 includes workshop & ticket to 1 show

Anne’s workshop focuses on how to learn a story and tell it from the heart, using interactive as well as hands-on techniques she has developed throughout her years of teaching and telling stories to many audiences.  Every participant will leave with one traditional story ready to tell and the skills to learn-and tell- many others!  (All workshop materials provided.)

Saturday, March 14, 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Irish Music & Storytelling

This workshop has been cancelled - sorry!​

Instructor: Regina Delaney
Fee: $60 includes workshop & ticket to 1 show

In this workshop, Regina demonstrates weaving other forms of Irish culture into the fabric of a story.  Where is a good place for a song, or a dance, or recitation? How does each aspect enhance the narrative or heighten the action? Participants will learn traditional Irish dances, songs and poems, and practice weaving them into a story. SPECIAL FOR THIS WORKSHOP ONLY! One free admittance for child age 6 & up included with each adult registration. A fun family adventure!

Saturday, March 21, 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Mythologizing Oral History & Personal Stories
Instructor: Genevieve Aichele
Fee: $60 includes workshop & ticket to 1 show


Workshop participants will explore techniques from docu-drama, documentary theatre and applied theatre to enhance personal stories and oral histories in order to make the personal both universal and archetypal. In programs like Moth Radio, many people are encouraged to tell their life stories but, just like traditional myths and legends, these  “true tales” can also become powerful tools for healing and transformation.


Anne Jennison

Diane Edgecomb

Genevieve Aichele

Jane Orzechowski

Kent Allyn

Pat Spalding

Regina Delaney

Sarah Bauhan

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