Ardent Girls - Playreading

From Sep 29, 2019 to Sep 29, 2019
Play by Amy Merrill
Directed by Genevieve Aichele

Playreading & Discussion
Ardent Girls
by Amy Merrill
Sunday, September 29, 2019
2:00 pm
Admission is free

It's winter in Chicago, 1896, and Jane Addams, tireless reformer and founder of Hull-House, can't get out of bed.  Child labor advocate Florence Kelley and Hull-House benefactor Mary Rozet Smith try to cheer her up, but to no avail.  Eventually, Jane comes up with a plan: to travel to Russia to visit Jane's idol, Russian writer and philosopher Leo Tolstoy. Jane and Mary make the long trip and meet The Great Man and his wife at the Tolstoy estate, but instead of inspiration they come away with some important lessons about idols, marriage, and clothes. A play about social and personal change. 

The reading of Ardent Girls will be directed by Genevieve Aichele, and will feature favorite NHTP actors Monique Foote, Bill Humphreys, Kolby Hume, Colleen A. Madden, Eric Schildge and Catherine Stewart.  Following the reading, there will be a facilitated audience discussion with playwright Amy Merrill.

Amy Merrill is a Boston-area playwright, producer and author of many plays. She is also a planner and featured playwright with Her Story Is, a collective of independent women artists and writers from Iraq and the Boston area. Grateful thanks to Gen, Catherine and cast.  Visit


Amy Merrill

Jane Addams

Leo Tolstoy

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