NHTP 2023-2024 Season Preview

2023/2024 MainStage Season Productions

From Sep 22, 2023

Announcing the 2023-24 NHTP MainStage Season!

NHTP is launching into its 2023-2024 season with new collaborations, innovative projects, and of course some old fan favorites mixed in for good measure!  Our theme this year is What's Your Story?

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We have NEW SHOW TIMES this season! 

Friday Curtain UP - 7:30PM 
Saturday Curtain UP - 4:00PM
Sunday Matinee Curtain UP - 2:30PM


Each of us has a story of our own. Who we are. Where we've been. What we've accomplished and the mistakes we've made. The fears we've had and the obstacles we've overcome. Everything we have experienced that has led us to the point we are right now.  

Our stories are our own, but they are also there to be told to one another, as our best chances at finding shared connection, understanding, and empathy.  We know many of the stories of our family members... our close friends... members of our community. But, the untold stories of people from other places, other times, and other paths can open our minds and hearts to a deeper understanding of the human condition - and a deeper understanding of ourselves. This season at NHTP aims to examine and celebrate the story as an element of human connection; by sharing the new and significant stories presented this season, we will invite members of our community to be exposed to new worlds and different lives - and to find the ways these stories may impact, reflect, and inform our own. 

THIRST FOR FREEDOM - The story of Ona Judge will inspire and touch your heart. Enslaved by George and Martha Washington, she dares to defy her circumstances​ by ​fleeing their Philadelphia residence in search of a new life ​in Portsmouth, NH. Her unwavering determination, strength, and sacrifice facing incredible obstacles and dangers make for a riveting story that will be told in NHTP's collaboration with Jukwaa Mazoa Theatre Company, The Black Heritage Trail, and The Player's Ring, Thirst for Freedom. (9/22-9/24, 9/29-10/1, 10/5-10/8)

THE FLICK - In a rundown movie theater in Massachusetts, three movie theater employees have their own stories to share, as they clean up at the end of the night and attend to one of the last 35mm projectors in the state. Their story together is a heart-rending, hilarious cry for authenticity in a fast-changing world. In the first of its new Artist Presents Series, NHTP will feature the Pulitzer Prize winning play, The Flick. (11/3-11/5, 11/10-11/12, 11/16-11/19)

IN THE GARDEN OF Z - Certainly, one of the most significant and troubling stories of the past year has been the War in Ukraine. Latvian immigrant, Jelizaveta Robinson, shares her perspective on how such a terrible war came to be - and came to be supported by so many - by exploring the concept and history of Rashism. Through the personal stories of six different women, from different time periods, some of the most important topics of our time are examined - the mythologization of the past, the cult of personality, the cult of war, and how propaganda affects our lives and divides our families. NHTP presents In the Garden of Z. (1/19-1/21, 1/26-1/28, 2/1-2/4)

COLLECTED STORIES - The nature of story, itself, is a fascinating one to explore. Who owns the rights to our story? To our privacy?  A teacher and respected author mentors a young writer, who decides to base her novel on her mentor's secret affair with famed poet, Delmore Schwartz. Their conflict raises deep moral questions about art and the creative process. The gripping, insightful, and sharply-written relationship between teacher and student is featured in an unforgettable drama; NHTP presents Collected Stories. (4/5-4/7, 4/12-4/14, 4/18-4/21)

ROMEO AND HER SISTER Charlotte Cushman's story is another rarely told, yet unforgettable account being shared this season. Cushman was a world-famous 19th Century actor, who broke new ground with her portrayal of Romeo, alongside her sister as Juliet, in Shakespeare's most famous romance. What the world didn't know was that Charlotte was hiding her loves and romances, being at the time, a closeted lesbian. Fearful of scandal that will arise, Charlotte is just trying to keep her life together before opening night. To close out its season during Pride month, NHTP presents a queer historical dramedy about a revolutionary performer, Romeo and Her Sister.  (6/7-6/9, 6/14-6/16, 6/20-6/23)

In addition to these 5 shows, we will be doing a revival of our interpretation of the classic holiday show, IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE : A LIVE RADIO PLAY Adapted by Joe Landry (11/25-11/26, 11/30-12/3, 12/7-12/10) and the NHTP 8th ANNUAL STORYTELLING FESTIVAL will be April 27.

This season will be full of stories deserving to be told and stories that will impact the audiences they reach. And NHTP will celebrate the stories of its audience and community, as attendees will be invited to contribute to an ever-growing "story-board" that will collect the thoughts, tales, and confessions of so many people to create a new work of art. 

We invite you to share in some incredible stories together that will ultimately deepen the connection between us all. 


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