NHTP 2023-2024 Season Preview

2016-2017 Season

From Sep 01, 2016 to Jun 30, 2017

2016-2017 Season


November 18 - December 4, 2016 – Great Expectations by Gale Childs Daly (adapted from Charles Dickens)
Packed with curious and fascinating characters, enchanting and dangerous places and situations that are at once exhilarating and horrifying, Gale Childs Daly’s new adaptation brings the Dickens literary gem to fascinating life with six actors playing multiple roles.

January 13 - 29, 2017 – Metamorphoses by Mary Zimmerman
Mary Zimmerman’s delicious adaptation of Ovid’s Metamorphoses is a magical feast of storytelling – mysterious and hilarious, brimming with enchantment, horror, and wonder.

April 21 - 30, 2017 – I Am My Own Wife by Doug Wright
Brought back by popular demand, this stunning tour de force starring CJ Lewis graces the NHTP stage for the second time. I Am My Own Wife explores the astonishing true story of Charlotte von Mahlsdorf, a transvestite and celebrated antiques dealer who successfully navigated the two most oppressive regimes of the past century – the Nazis and the Communists.


November 4 - 13, 2016 – She Will Lead: Women in Politics by Catherine Stewart
A new absurdist adventure into political history, gender, and apathy, She Will Lead looks at one woman’s modern-day relationship to the world of politics, political parties and the people that vie for our votes.

June 16 - 25, 2017 – The Adventures of Oliver Z. Wanderkook by Jonny Peiffer & Circulus Arts
The live experience combines Words, Art, Music, Dance, and Animation to tell the magical tale of Oliver Z. Wanderkook’s fateful journey to meet the nine tribes of the Land of Two Suns.  Each show features a unique performer reading from Wanderkook’s journal, exploring the wisdom he left behind.


December 9 - 10, 2016 – Youth Rep Scene Study

March 17 - 26, 2017 – Is He Dead? by Mark Twain & David Ives

Presented by the Senior Repertory Company. Disappointed that artists don’t seem to get rich until after they die, painter Jean-Francois Millet decides to skip the dying part and go straight to the fame and fortune. Of course nothing goes exactly to plan, and farce ensues.

April 7 - 9, 2017 – The Jungle Book by R. Rex Stephenson (adapted from Rudyard Kipling)
New Hampshire Theatre Project's Junior Repertory Company will present The Jungle Book, Rudyard Kipling's beloved tale of Mowgli, a young boy taken in by wolves in the jungle of India, and befriended by memorable characters Kaa the Rock Python, Baloo the Bear, and Bagheera the Panther.

June 2 - 3, 2017 – Around the World in 80 Minutes by Genevieve Aichele
Perfect for the whole family to enjoy together, Around the World travels from the hilarious antics of Anansi the Spider, West Africa’s favorite trickster, to the lyrical poetry of The Children of Lir, a tale from Irish mythology, to a Japanese tale of two zany sisters who outwit the mysterious “Oni.” 

NHTP Summer Camp Performances
June 30, 2017 – Youth Theatre Camp
July 14 & 15, 2017 – Teen Theatre Camp
July 28 & 29, 2017 – Story Theatre Camp


September 10, 2016 – From Tragedy to Transcendence with Steven Hancoff
New Hampshire Theatre Project kicks off our 28th season with guest artist Steven Hancoff in the extraordinary multi-media performance From Tragedy to Transcendence: Bach, Casals & the Six Suites for Cello Solo.

December 21, 2016 – Winter Solstice in Legend & Song with Diane Edgecomb, Margot Chamberlain, & Tom Megan
Join us on the longest night of the year for haunting legends of light, entertaining tales and traditional music and song

February 18 - 19, 2017 – Everything Old is New Again with Genevieve Aichele & Pat Spalding
Master storytellers Pat Spalding and Genevieve Aichele team up for an evening of traditional tales and personal stories that will move you from tears to wonder to laughter and back again.  

2017 INTELLIGENT THEATRE FESTIVAL: Matters of Importance
March 31, 2017 – The New Abnormal by Josh Goldberg, Ella McGrail, Colleen Spear & Natalie Viebrock

Written during the NHTP Teen Playwriting Intensive, The New Abnormal illuminates the multiple pressures affecting today’s young adults. 
March 31, 2017 – Throw Away People by Mary Ellen Hedrick
Throw Away People focuses on the devastating consequences of heroin addiction for both individuals and the community.
April 1, 2017 – An Enemy of the People by Henrik Ibsen, translation by Arthur Miller
Written in 1882, Ibsen’s controversial script addresses challenges that are still highly relevant today, including environmental issues versus economic interests, professional responsibilities, the role of the press in determining public policy, and the moral dilemmas and tensions involved in whistle blowing.
April 2, 2017 – Other Desert Cities by Jon Robin Baitz
A finalist for the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, Other Desert Cities centers around a family with differing political views and a long-hidden secret about to be revealed in the daughter’s soon-to-be-published book of memoirs. 

May 7, 2017 – Celtic Hearts featuring Gail Adams, Cathryn Norris, and Judy Ringer
Join us for a spring sojourn into the world of Celtic music and song with some of the Seacoast’s most vibrant and talented musicians.


Around the World in 80 Minutes

Celtic Hearts

Everything Old is New Again!

From Tragedy to Transcendence

I Am My Own Wife

Intelligent Theatre Festival 2017

Is He Dead?



She Will Lead: Women in Politics

The Jungle Book

Winter Solstice in Story & Song

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