NH Gives 2023 - DONATE NOW!

A special thank you to our LEGACY II DONORS:

Capstones ($1,000/year)
Gillian Aguilar
Becky & Dudley Shepard
Laura Byergo & Mark Willis

Pillars ($500/year)
Carol Lucha Burns
Jennifer Kinsey & John Bunker
Susan Geib
Maureen & Mike Hastings
Terrie Harman & Tom McCarron
Michael Nolan
Pat Spalding

Cornerstones ($250/year)
Sarah Haskell & Ben Fowler
Danielle & Michael Megliola
Connie & Joe Perna
Barclay Jackson & Dean Plager
Judith Rubenstein
Jeanne & Eric Spear
Leslie Stevens & David Wile

Pedestals ($100/year)
Karin Barndollar
John Bolduc
Suzanne Cornelius
Max Feintuch
Naiqing Gu
Ben Harris
Carol Hollis
Lisa & Ralph Kleinmann
Linda Langley
Ellen Fineberg & Vince Lombardi
Mary Rhiel
Kristin Van Dine

Learn more about how to become a Legacy II Donor and support New Hampshire Theatre Project's Mission of bringing transformational theatre to New Hampshire by clicking here. 

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