NHTP 2023-2024 Season Preview

Lynn lives in New Castle NH with her two teenage boys and husband Dylan. She is the owner of Pure Potential Healing which specializes in enhancing the body’s own innate ability to heal itself by using a therapy called Biomagnetism. She is also Vice-Chair of the Conservation Commission in her town, a member of the Seacoast’s Women’s Giving Circle, holds a B.S in Business Administration/Marketing, and has past experience in sales and business management. She also loves to be outside hiking, skiing, sailing, beachcombing and is a 30-year resident of the Seacoast. Lynn is excited to be a part of the NHTP board to help connect and educate the community on the importance of maintaining a thriving, thought-provoking theater that is more than just entertainment.
For more information, check out her website: www.pureph.net

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