NHTP Covid-19 Protocols and FAQ'S

Duncan is a psychotherapist recently re-located to Gloucester MA from the Northwest. He has served on a number of non-profit boards, including the Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle, Washington Lawyers for the Arts, The Pastoral Counseling Service of Washington, and the Pacific Northwest Organizational Development Network. He has a background in facilitation, conflict management and dialogue, and his consulting work focuses on inclusivity and engagement, bringing people together to access their collective wisdom.
"NHTP is doing exactly what I think theater needs to be doing — being engaged in the world, creating opportunities for conversation and community to consider questions that matter. Good theater helps us to be good citizens. There is far too much theater out there that merely entertains rather than stimulates, and too often the experience of the audience is limited to the time in the theater seat appreciating the show. These are difficult times, and many of us are feeling isolated and overwhelmed, unsure of how to be useful….even unsure if anything we might do will actually make any difference. NHTP is an antidote to that despair, not just as a balm or
distraction to our suffering, but as a way to gather together as concerned citizens and remind one another that we can be of service to what is important."

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