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Company Artist Brennan Donnell has been many things at NHTP. An actor, stage manager, board operator, and consumer of all food. He started in the Youth Rep Company when he was in seventh grade and loved making people laugh but hated making eye contact. Since then, he’s gone on to do a lot of things in Portsmouth. He's a Youth Rep alum that never left. He’s recently worked on Time Machine, Men on Boats, The Odd Couple-Female Version, and has been seen (and heard) onstage and offstage for Its a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play as stage manager Ben Callahan. Outside of NHTP, he currently works at Lonza as an Associate Data Scientist and loves to ride a bicycle. NHTP is important to him because without it, he wouldn’t be where he is today. Simple things such as eye contact and standing up in front of people, or even being confident and speaking clearly are now things he does well. NHTP has been a place for him to learn, explore, and be challenged to try new things to see what works.

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