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We Don't Know What This Is Yet: Podcast and New Play

March 09, 2021

We Don't Know What This Is Yet

Year Long Project Inspires a Podcast and a New Play!
We Don’t Know What This Is Yet captures the highs, the lows, and the uncertainty of 2020.

March 13 | Podcast Episode #1

Hosted by NHTP Company Artist Robin Fowler and produced by CJ Lewis, the We Don’t Know What This Is Yet Podcast is a collection of conversations with individuals during 2020 on the simple theme of uncertainty and then a diverse pool of artists across multiple disciplines create and present new works in response.

The podcast features conversations with a range of people from all sorts of backgrounds including Non-profit Consultant Elissa Margolin, Music Hall Communications and Community Engagement Director Monte Bohanan, Craft Brewer and Restaurateur Dagan Migirditch, and Maria Carrasquillo who works in the legal department of a medical device manufacturer in New Hampshire.  Artists creating new works in response to these conversations include Dancer and Choreographer Amanda Whitworth, Musician and Composer Jonny Peiffer, Videographer Dan Freund, and Visual Artist and Designer Sam Paolini.

 The first episode will drop on March 13 and will be available for free on Spotify and most podcast streaming services. Artwork will be available on the NHTP website.  Details can be found HERE

The Uncertainty Principle

Thursday, Friday, & Saturday June 10-12 | 8pm EST
Sunday, June 12 | 2pm EST

Online Only $20


The podcast also serves as source material to We Don’t Know What This Is Yet’s culminating work, a new play. The Uncertainty Principle will premiere June 10 - 13 2021, and will be presented online for audiences around the globe. In science, the Uncertainty Principle states that "the momentum and position of a particle cannot both be precisely determined at the same time." Using this theme as a metaphor for the ever-changing landscape of life during the Covid-19 pandemic, NHTP artists are creating a new docudrama based on interviews with community members between April 2020 and April 2021. Details can be found HERE.

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NHTP engaged many artists this year to create the We Don't Know What This Is Yet Podcast and the new play, The Uncertainty Principle. That work was made possible in part by the generosity of individuals who contributed through the 2020 NH Gives Campaign.

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