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Corrie's Story - Giving Tuesday

November 29, 2022


Dear NHTP Friends and Supporters,  

My name is Corrie and you may recognize me from House Managing recent MainStage shows or even youth productions throughout the last 20 years at NHTP. I grew up benefiting from the transformative programming that NHTP offers people of all ages, especially its acclaimed Youth Repertory Company under the direction of Genevieve Aichele.

My first appearance at NHTP was when I was only a few months old, arriving in a bassinet to meetings with my mom who was then on the Board of Directors. I tested my enthusiasm for acting at age 4, playing a monarch butterfly at an NHTP Kids Theatre Camp and never looked back from there. 

After graduating from the Senior Repertory Company in 2017, I went on to study Theatre Education at Hampshire College and returned last year with my B.A. 

NHTP gave me an environment where I could both grow artistically and feel supported. It was a safe haven to learn essential social-emotional skills I couldn’t find elsewhere. And it was because of NHTP I chose to study Theatre Ed, Applied Theatre, and anti-racist intervention. 

Growing up a part of this vibrant, visionary community taught me that theatre has the power to change children’s lives, give them a voice, and learn lifelong skills. As an adult, I have seen firsthand how our Elephant-in-the-Room Series® brings honest conversation and real healing to the communities we touch.   

Like many theatre organizations throughout the country, NHTP is still in recovery from almost 3 years of dealing with the pandemic. Audiences are slow to return, production costs have skyrocketed, and one case of Covid in cast or crew can shut down a performance completely. State and federal grants have run out, and maintaining day-to-day operations is a challenge.

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday and this year's NHTP season theme is Legacy & Transformation: What Do We Leave Behind?  Please take a moment to consider your own legacy and give generously to NHTP and other nonprofits doing the work of transformation in your community.
With deepest thanks and warm wishes for the next year,
Corrie Owens-Beauchesne 


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