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On Stage Now: NHTP MainStage

November 13, 2019


Opening Friday, November 15th, NHTP presents Pride & Prejudice by Kate Hamill, adapted from Jane Austen’s classic. Kate Hamill brings Lizzy Bennett to life for the 21st century audience with traditional language in a hilariously modern approach.

Pride & Prejudice is directed by Danielle Howard, and stars a cast of comic actors, most of which are new to NHTP. The dynamic protagonist of this 19th century story is Elizabeth Bennet, played by Amy Desrosiers. Opposite Desrosiers Lizzy will be Dustin Teuber, playing the dashingly dark Mr Darcy. The remaining cast of characters including the Bennet family, the Bingley’s and Lady Catherine will be played by a talented group of versatile actors - Whitney Smith, Sara Conlon, Lia Madeline, Jess Miller, Branwyn Ritchie, and Molly Dowd Sullivan. 

The 2019-2020 Season theme ‘Can one person make a difference?’ will carry through NHTP’s MainStage, and into other areas of programming including classes and workshops. “Pride & Prejudice poses the question of the importance of marrying for love, not simply for economic gain or social prestige,” says Artistic Director Catherine Stewart. Despite the changes in social norms relating to marriage over the centuries since this literary work was created the central idea of escaping expectations is abundantly present in today’s dating world. “I think we’ve not really come all that far,” continues Stewart. “This play evokes the question of our modern times, does one person have the power to buck the system, and define love in their own terms? I look forward to the conversations about modern love that this piece instigates throughout November,” explains Stewart. 

Pride & Prejudice is made possible thanks to the generous support of our show sponsors JCM Management Company, Inc.; and John Bolduc and Anne Corriveau. The NHTP 2019-2020 Season is supported by the NH State Council on the Arts and the NH Charitable Foundation.


Seacoast Sessions presents Jeff Warner – American Traditions
In Concert & Conversation with Kathleen Somssich

Sunday, December 8, 2019 – 2:00 pm
All Tickets $20


New Hampshire Theatre Project’s second season of Seacoast Sessions continues with master folk musician Jeff Warner. Created in 2018, Seacoast Sessions honors seacoast performers who have regional, national and international reputations.  NHTP offers audiences a rare opportunity to see and hear master performing artists in an intimate setting with excellent acoustics, and to learn about their professional histories and how they mastered their craft. Seacoast Sessions is hosted by Kathleen Somssich of WSCA Radio.
Jeff Warner is among the nation’s foremost performer/interpreters of traditional music. His songs from the lumber camps, fishing villages and mountaintops of America connect 21st-century audiences with the everyday lives – and artistry – of 19th-century Americans. “Providing more than just rich entertainment, Jeff will leave you with a deeper appreciation of the land you live in.” (Caffé Lena, Saratoga, NY). His songs, rich in local history and a sense of place, bring us the latest news from the distant past.


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