NHTP 2023-2024 Season Preview

Collaboration and Improvisation


According to NACE's Job Outlook 2016 survey, employers are looking for leadership skills that show you can be part of a successful team.  Nearly 80 percent of responding employers said they seek out indications that the candidate can work in a team. What qualities are they seeking? Key aspects of effective communication and leadership: problem-solving skills and verbal communication skills are two of the most important candidate attributes.

A team that works well together, with effective communication and the ability to be proactive and collaborative is key to your success and an organization’s success

Theatre For Life will help your team members be open and adaptable to changing and unique situations.  In this very active workshop, participants explore a variety of improvisation techniques and theatre games such as Expert Questions, Fortunately, Unfortunately, and Yes, And.   Improvisation allows your team to become more adept at making something spontaneous appear both genuinely authentic and well-rehearsed at the same time.

A strong, collaborative team is key to success. Through team building exercises, TFL instructors show how to become more comfortable working as an ensemble team, to trust your peers, even when you don’t know exactly where a situation is going.  By learning how to build ideas constructively and cooperatively within a group, your organization will be more effective.  By collaborating and learning the art of saying “yes”, your team members remain open to new possibilities and outside-the-box solutions. Further the goals of your organization by learning how to market, train or present material more effectively with your partners by always supporting the group message as a whole.

Create a formidable team and achieve success TOGETHER. Take the first step and contact us for a consultation.


The Improv Workshop was all we had hoped for and more - loosening up, having some fun, building stronger connections with each other and as a team, sharpening our creative confidence, thinking about innovation, creativity and leadership! Yes, And and being present have become themes in our work. We've been smiling and looking each other in the eyes more and more, being open to the gift! A take away for all of us, no matter where we stand, is a new appreciation for the value and healthy tension of spontaneity and planning I hope we'll find ways to work together again. Thank you, Genevieve and CJ!

Patricia Donavan, Associate Head of School, Gould Academy, Bethel ME


We have used the team of acting teachers at NHTP numerous times for programs at our all company retreats. They have helped us get creative juices flowing as well as build presentation and customer service skills. Generally staff has come away with a better sense of how they are being perceived and skills to ground and center themselves. Program designs are well customized and the NHTP team works hard to make sure they are meshing well with our culture and needs.

Michael Landgarten, Owner, Bob’s Clam Hut/Lil’s Cafe


This workshop helped our team to be open and adaptable to changing and unique situations, and to become more comfortable working as an ensemble even when you don’t know exactly where a situation is going.  We should do more of this!

Michael Broder, Manager, Computer Resources LLC, Barrington NH


NHTP's Theatre for Life program benefitted Op4G in training our new (and veteran) staff.  It helped us in coming together as a team, as well as how to effectively deliver a business presentation and market our service to others who are unfamiliar with the model.  

Madeline Warren, Membership & Marketing Director, Opinions for Good, Portsmouth NH


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