Sketch Comedy Group

Mar 26, 2019 to Jun 02, 2019

Ages 12-17
Tuesdays, 5:00-7:00 pm

March 26-May 28, 2019

Performances May 30-31 - 7 pm

Fee: $400

Instructor: Stephanie Lazenby

Is sarcasm your second language? Do you actually look forward to Saturday Night Live every week? When you click on Netflix looking for comedians, do you see that you have already watched and re-watched all of Kevin Hart's stand-up specials?  If so, then it's time to stop watching and to start writing and performing your own comedy!  In Sketch Comedy Group, you will work as a group to write and perform your own original skits and characters to be showcased in front of a live audience.  So get out from behind your screen and put your comedy skills to work!

For more information, please contact New Hampshire Theatre Project or call 603-431-6644 x4.

Expectations & Commitment

  • Attend all rehearsals and performances

  • Be on time for rehearsals and performances

  • Notify NHTP of conflicts prior to registration

  • Communicate with NHTP regarding emergency conflicts and other issues

  • Respect teachers, fellow students, performing space, audience and the work

  • Memorize lines by required deadline

  • Research script, role and other topics required by director outside of class time

  • Participate with your whole heart

  • Have fun!

  • Parents: Assist with providing refreshments for final performances

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