Monologue Seminar


Apr 08, 2020 to Apr 29, 2020


April 8th - April 29th
Wednesdays,  11am - 12.30pm
Taught by Resident Artist, CJ Lewis

Looking for an opportunity to gain some professional development, prepare for college applications or keep performing while practicing social distancing? This workshop is designed for early career individuals that need guidance while developing skills, and for working artists seeking community and critical feedback during times of isolation from regular outlets.

Students will workshop pieces of their choice and provide feedback to their peers, under the guidance of NHTP Resident Artist CJ Lewis.  The four session seminar to designed to explore:
  • Text and Character Analysis.
  • Practice, Performance and Feedback.
  • Connection to Audience 
During the final session participants will put their developed skills to the test through a live presentation of monologues. The piece of work will also be recorded and available to students after the seminar. Stay tuned for details on how to view and support this seminars learning as an audience member on April 29th. 

This seminar is also available as an individual experience through private coaching with CJ Lewis, please visit this link for further details on this opportunity. 
Students will participate via Zoom. You will be able to access the class through a computer, smart phone or by calling in on a landline. CJ'S instruction will be given through this method, and students will have the opportunity to introduce themselves, explore their stories, and learn performance skills.

In this challenging time we know that our mission of sparking conversation, connecting individuals and strengthening community is even more important and therefore we are working to find innovative ways to continue our work together. Thank you for diving into this experiment and exploring the what it means to keep talking with your community in this new (virtual) way.

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