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How To Human: Theatre Class for the Curiously Creative


Mar 20, 2021 to Mar 20, 2021

In-person Workshop
Saturday, March 20 | 9.30am to 12.00pm

Taught by Gemma Soldati | $50 Masterclass (Limited to 8 participants)

A very physical exploration, with lots of games and improvisation, to help us discover what we may have lost or forgotten on our journey to become “good.” This workshop will help participants unleash their muse - find inspiration and feel the flow creatively. Various methods for inspiration and creation will be explored then used as a jumping off point for a scene, story or character. 

I'm interested in demystifying the how of art--that there's no wrong way to create. Bring lots of questions to class with you, but be prepared to answer all of them yourself. We will work inwards and outwards, upwards and downwards. This class has only the limits you bring to it.  - Gemma Soldati

This workshop is designed for individuals interested in becoming more human - using emotions, the body and the senses to create, grow and play. No prior experience in devising performance is necessary. Participants will work socially distanced, with masks. In the event of tighter public health restrictions this workshop will transfer to virtual presentation through the Zoom platform.

Gemma Soldati is an American performing artist and a teacher for Cirque Du Soleil's John Gilkey's The Idiot Workshop. Her most recent touring show was the Award Winning The Living Room--a devised clown show with Amrita Dhaliwal. Gemma’s focus is clown inspired work developed in front of live audiences. Her projects playfully dive deep into the heart of vital themes probing audiences with questions and meaning making - Grief, Ritual, Sleep, Dreams, and beyond.

This workshop is part of the 2020 - 2021 MainStage Season program SoloStage. Over the course of six months NHTP is supporting three artists to make new plays. The plays include a family showa poignant comedy and a reimaging of a Shakespearean classic. To learn more about these works and to purchase tickets visit our Current Season section of the website. 

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