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Digging for Gold: Mining Personal Experiences for Stories that Inspire and Entertain


Jan 30, 2021 to Jan 30, 2021

Online Workshop
Saturday, January 30 | 9.30am to 12.00pm

Taught by Genevieve Aichele | $50 Masterclass (Limited to 12 participants)

Explore techniques from traditional folktales, docu-drama and applied theatre to transform your personal tales into stories that are both entertaining and inspiring. Get to the “heart of the story” using humor, sound bites and focusing on the perfect amount of detail and description.

This workshop is designed for public speakers, storytellers, teachers, writers, and those who want to share highlights from their lives with family and friends. Participants should be prepared with one or two ideas for stories based on personal experience. Students will participate via Zoom. The best way to access this class is through a computer with appropriate video and audio connections.

Master storyteller and coach Genevieve Aichele has taught Strategic, Traditional and Personal Storytelling for over 30 years. Her recordings of World Tales with musician Randy Armstrong have won numerous national and international awards.
This workshop is part of the 2020 - 2021 MainStage Season program SoloStage. Over the course of six months NHTP is supporting three artists to make new plays. The plays include a family show, a poignant comedy and a reimagining of a Shakespearean classic. To learn more about these works and to purchase tickets visit our Current Season section of the website. 

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