NHTP 2023-2024 Season Preview

New Hampshire Theatre Project uses the art of theatre-making to spark conversation, connect individuals and strengthen communities.

The Artist in Residence program follows these core principles to inspire and instill 21st Century learning in students that last far beyond the residency. New Hampshire Theatre Project has fostered relationships in K-12 communities throughout New England since our inception in 1988. These schools know the power of arts-integrated learning and trust the professional theatre-makers to deliver one of a kind residencies, year after year.

We work directly with teachers to integrate the chosen theme of study in Language Arts, Sciences, Social Studies or Social-Emotional Learning, while providing students with applicable skills in critical thinking, creative problem solving, collaboration and verbal, written and physical communication. 


As we transition post Covid, we are in the process of developing new structures for our Artist in Residence programs! Please contact Corrie Owens-Beauchesne, Education Coordinator at

 corrie@nhtheatreproject.org for more information.


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