The Adventures of Oliver Z. Wanderkook

From Jun 16, 2017 to Jun 25, 2017
Play by Jonny Peiffer
Directed by CJ Lewis & Catherine Stewart

The Adventures of Oliver Z. Wanderkook

June 16 - 25, 2017

Created by Circulus
Artwork by Dean Diggins & Sarah Peiffer
Music Composed by Jonny Peiffer, performed by Sojoy
Text by Dan Beaulieu
Choreography by Sarah Duclos
Directed by CJ Lewis & Catherine Stewart

Follow Wanderkook's progress between now and June!!!

NHTP and Circulus team up to bring audiences The Adventures of Oliver Z. Wanderkook. Based on a series of illustrations by local luminary Dean Diggins and an accompanying score by Jonny Peiffer, the immersive performance is a journey into a strange but familiar dreamland, led by the mythic ethnomusicologist Oliver Z. Wanderkook. The  event will utilize both the West End Studio Theatre (WEST) and Portsmouth Music and Art Center (PMAC) and incorporate elements of cinema, music, dance, illustration, and theatre performance. Prior to June, audiences will get a chance to meet Wanderkook through Wanderkook's Field Notes, a Work-In-Progress Series performed at venues throughout the Seacoast.

For more, follow our friend Oliver Z. Wanderkook on Facebook and @OZWanderkook on Instagram & Twitter.



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