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Crazy World

Oct 20, 2017 to Oct 22, 2017

MAIN STAGE - A one-woman musical inspired by the life of Julie Andrews, starring Susan Scannell Gilbert.

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The Time Machine

Nov 10, 2017 to Nov 26, 2017

MAIN STAGE - A new adaptation of H. G. Wells' classic science fiction time travel adventure.

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The Winter Solstice in Legend & Song 2017

Dec 20, 2017 to Dec 20, 2017

GUEST ARTIST - Master storyteller Diane Edgecomb back by popular demand!

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The Odd Couple - Female Version

Jan 12, 2018 to Jan 28, 2018

MAIN STAGE - Neil Simon's adaptation of his own beloved classic comedy - with a female point of view.

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The Importance of Being Earnest

Mar 16, 2018 to Mar 25, 2018

YOUTH REPERTORY COMPANY - NHTP's Senior Repertory Company presents Oscar Wilde's hilarious comedy of manners.

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Hitched to Everything

Apr 13, 2018 to Apr 15, 2018

YOUTH REPERTORY COMPANY - NHTP's Junior Repertory Company presents a whirlwind tour through the history of environmental activism.

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Apr 20, 2018 to May 06, 2018

MAIN STAGE - A spellbinding romantic journey through time, love, death, life and quantum physics.

Wonder Tales

May 25, 2018 to May 27, 2018

YOUTH REPERTORY COMPANY - Stories, myths, legends and tales of wonder for the whole family.

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